How To Get The No-Makeup Makeup Look With Just 4 Products

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Introducing The 101 Set

Three Bestsellers in One Set

We've paired our best sellers - Miracle Balm, Face Pencil, & Mascara - in one customizable set.

Created By Bobbi Brown

Bobbi curated this set for everyone who is new to Jones Road.

We Made It Easy

Makeup should be easy. 3 easy to use products to get you out the door with confidence.

Three Reasons Why You'll Love The 101 Set


This Is Makeup Made Easy

Four products you can't mess up. This is makeup made simple and easy. Pat on a little Miracle Balm wherever you like, cover and lighten with The Face Pencil, and add a pop to the eyes with The Mascara.


It's Extremely Versatile

Acheive any coverage desired with The Face Pencil. Tint the skin to provide color to the face, lips, and eyes with Miracle Balm. Give your eyes some very simple definition with The Mascara. All together, our 101 Set encapsulates the classic no-makeup, makeup look.


It's The Perfect Place To Start

We removed guessing from the equation. This is a lifetime of beauty knowledge distilled. Bobbi curated this set as the perfect place to stay your Jones Road Beauty, whether you're a no-makeup makeup lover, or someone who is new to makeup in general.

Founded by makeup artist Bobbi Brown

"I don't believe in covering up. Makeup should enhance"

What You Need To Know About The 101 Set

Bobbi Introduces The 101 Set

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