Bobbi's Top 4 Beauty Tips for Women Over 50


Don't Skip Your Moisturizer

As we age, we lose moisture and luminosity in our skin. It's important to use products that aren't drying. What The Foundation is packed with moisturizing ingredients, ideal for those with dry or combination skin.


Reduce Redness

When we get older, our skin tends to become a little more red. The Face Pencil is perfect for covering up redness, while still looking natural. With 25 shades, there's a perfect shade for everyone. Yes, we mean everyone.


Bring On The Glow

We also lose the natural glow in our skin as we age. Miracle Balm is the perfect product for bringing back our glow. It gives you instant luminosity and a tint of color.


Embrace Your Natural Beauty

Your natural beauty is what makes you unique. You don't have to use makeup to hide, you can use it to enhace. That's what we stand for at Jones Road Beauty.

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