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To No-Makeup Makeup

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Why Miracle Balm?

Created By Bobbi Brown

Miracle Balm is Bobbi's every day, can't leave home without it super product.

Truly A Miracle Product

Can you believe one product can be used as a blush, tint, highlighter, hydrator, and more?

Gives a Healthy Glow

Who doesn't want a healthy glow that makes them look younger and inspires confidence?

Founded by makeup artist Bobbi Brown

“It’s how you make your skin look better without looking like you’re wearing makeup”

Three Reasons You’re Going To Love Miracle Balm


Created by Bobbi Brown

Bobbi's years of preaching 'No makeup, makeup look' is encapsulated in Miracle Balm. With just one use you'll realize where the name came from.


It Can Replace Your Entire Makeup Bag

Miracle Balm is the secret to no-makeup makeup. One part skincare, one part color product. Equal parts your new favorite beauty product that you won’t be able to live without.


Made With Clean Ingredients That Are Good For The Skin

We use only clean ingredients, and none of the bad stuff. We believe that health is the number one factor in beauty, and our products back it up.

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